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Boomers Blends 30 day – Pumpkin Spice


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Boomers is a product that is hard to describe, is it a coffee? NO! Is it a drink packed with caffeine? No! Does it give you energy, focus, clarity, and a boost? YES, Yes it does! But how does it give you all the benefits without having a ton of caffeine, coffee, and bad stuff? Well it all starts with the 5 essential mushrooms that pack more punch of goodness in a cup than any other drink out there, Lion’s Maine, Turkey Tail, Chaga, Reishi, Cordyceps, a dash of black pepper extract gives you a little bit of caffeine, add in some turmeric for the antioxidants and some pumpkin spice and you have a cup of non-joe that gives you the alertness of coffee, but the healthiness of mushrooms with the flavor of your favor coffee shop!

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Weight 16 oz
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